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October 25, 2016 / by /

“Europe One – Refugees mission to survive”

International Training course “Europe One – Refugees mission to survive” was held in Kiev, Ukraine from 15-23 October, where took part 30 youngsters from 10 different countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Macedonia, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey. Project was about refugees, IDP’s and migrant problems about social inclusion, about attitude of citizens and government towards them. Based on many participants opinion, the topic was very interesting and useful in future for them. They had discussed about many problems for refugees, migrants and IDP’s, what they are faced with every day. Attitude of participants towards target groups was wonderful – everybody thinks, that this problem should be solved as fast as they can. Almost of them, had a big interest about life of refugees and they were doing their best for solving this problem in their countries. Before implementing this project, one of the participants thought, that she has a big knowledge about this topic and she didn’t even think that, she would get much knowledge and experience… But that was false. Everybody got so productive information about refugee problems in Macedonia, Georgia, Germany, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan etc. NGO’s of this countries are searching for new ways to solve these problems, without help of government. According to this topic, participants had very interesting, difficult but funny workshops, where they felt themselves as refugees, IDP’s or migrants…That wasn’t easy, because they had a task to play their roles whole day. Participants liked very much such an approach towards training course. Although, the whole day they had sessions, nothing was boring or uninteresting. At the end of the evening during 2 days were held a Cultural Evenings, where each country had shown to each other their cultures… That was really interesting - sharing the cultures. The most interesting part of the training courses or youth exchanges is getting know each other much better. “Icebreaking” process didn’t lasted for the long time at this project. From the first day participants recognized, that they are one team and there is no barriers, that they can’t overcome. Through the workshops, co-workings, role games, laughting yoga (credits to Pavel from Poland) TC life became interested, funnier and just wonderful. In addition participants with trainers had a wonderful time in Centre of the city – Kiev. They visited the most attractive, interesting, historical places of Kiev; After a tired walking they had dinner in Ukranian national cuisine, restaurant - Puzata Khata. They spent wonderful time whole day in the city. Thanks to organizers for that! 7 days of this project seemed too short for all participants, but “Every end is a new beginning!” 
Following Participants from ICPI, Georgia were attending the projects: Elene Janadze, Lela Jobava, Giorgi Kakhniashvili.