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February 27, 2018 / by /

International Training Course EPIC

International Training CourseEPIC (EVS-Planning is Crucial for Quality) wasorganized by non-governmental organizationInternational Educational Center (GEMS) from Czech Republiс and it was cooperated with YCCD which is based in Armenia.

The aforesaid training was held in Prague between16-24 February, 2018. Project included 8 days of training, sessions, discussions, group activities, workshops, presentations. It involved 19 youth workers from: Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Moldova, Latvia, Armenia, Portugal, Denmark, Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia.

The main aim of the TC wasto improve knowledge and exchange the skills which refers to running projects within the framework of EVS Programme. TC course was based on the principles of non-formaleducation and relevant methods.

Participants discussed about possible challenges, risks and problems during the project implementation as well as the possible ways how they can be avoided.

The main focus was on planning of voluntary projects and ways how to increase the importance of volunteering in general. During the project participants had chance to visit local NGO and they also metcurrent EVS volunteers.

As it was mentioned above, one of the partner country was Georgia and the partner organization ICPI was represented byTatia Lomtadze and Lana Adamyan. The Training was a valuable experience for them.