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April 10, 2018 / by /

Integration through EVS

Partnership building activity “Integration Through EVS” was organized by Austrian organization ZeitRaum. 
The project was held in Drobollach (Austria) between 28 March - 5 April. The PBA aimed at long-lasting perspective to increase the number of targeted youngsters group in EVS projects. It involved 27 participants from 8 countries: Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Greece, Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine

The objectives of the PBA were:
• to re-explore the concept of EVS and its philosophy
• to get advanced knowledge about EVS structure 
• to explore the local communities’ needs for future EVS projects
• to establish good and trustful atmosphere for future partnerships
• to develop EVS projects for the integration of youngsters with fewer opportunities
The participants were actively sharing the best practices of EVS as an integration tool. While (during) discussions they were discovering the reasons of passive participation in EVS projects by migrants, youngsters with a migration background, and refugees as a result of fewer opportunities. The good result of the PBA was the future EVS project drafts which will be implemented by participants. 
After coming back to Georgia, the project participants shared the new experience with Generator9.8 interns and volunteers. Presentation about the PBA was made at Nadzaladevi Mediathek. It was a good motivation for youngsters to be actively involved in future Erasmus projects. The audience was also informed about two new projects and they took a great interest in them. In May 5 volunteers from Generator9.8 will be participating in the next Erasmus project in Lithuania.