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June 05, 2018 / by /

"Be Enterprising - Be Bold"


“Be Enterprising – Be Bold” was a two stage project. The second stage, training course took place in Czech Republic during May 26 – June 3. The project gathered 25 participants from Greece, Georgia, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Italy and Spain.

“Be Enterprising - Be Bold” aimed to explore the concept of social entrepreneurship as an innovative way to solve social problems in youth work using entrepreneurial skills. Social entrepreneurship is an alternative way of civic engagement and participation, as it offers a chance to enter the public sphere and the labor market. At the same time, it is an attempt to give an appropriate answer to an important issue of youth unemployment, e.g.

During the project participants had an opportunity to be involved in the sessions, such as: “Sales and Branding”, “Marketing for Social Start-Ups”, “Financial Management”, etc.

-“Today was just comfortable environment for collaboration, development and growth not only professionally but personally too. Simply the best place for the people who want to have their own SEs in future.”

-“It is what our teams are trying to create, out of their ideas. First, they have to analyze all the players involved in the project. From competitors to suppliers and cross selling partners, to understand limits and possibilities.”