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September 07, 2022 / by /

“Where's my balance?” Erasmus+ project

This Erasmus+ training course “Where is my balance?” took place in a beautiful small village called Chinti, Georgia. From 7-16th of September we brought together 28 participants from8 countries (Armenia , Azerbaijan, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Greece and Georgia)

We spent amazing time together learning about frames and tools of mindfulness-based stress reduction. We became more aware of ourselves and our lives, our own fundamental values, views, personal attitudes, decisions and actions. Participants found new ways of personal development, self-acceptance, self-expression and self-transformation using a combination of meditation, body awareness, yoga, breathing techniques, massage and exploration of patterns of behaviour, thinking, feeling and action. Spending time in nature helped to relieve stress and anxiety, improved participants mood, and boosted feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

https://www.facebook.com/icpi.ge/posts/5616705051718662 .