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Gender powering

We are often unaware of norms behaviors and practices that are influenced by Attitudes and beliefs about gender, these unconscious influences often from political and socioeconomics. In our multicultural communities the youth stay in face to the additional challenge of balancing respect for their own and or other cultures with integration. Our concept of aims and beliefs including youth organizations which we are mostly focused in this trainings. The main aim and objectives are:

  • To provide fundamental values of tolerance, freedom and human rights, by enhancing gender equality particularly with marginalized communities.
  • To ¬†tackling encouraging creative tools for youth employment these efforts will also focus on creating social and economic inclusion within communities for young men and women, the sense of belonging is a crucial approach to preventing violent radicalization of the youth, especially in migrant and minority communities.
  • The Participants will have practical examples and case studies during the Training.
  • Preparatory work for the Training Course during which participants will develop gender sensitive Policies as well as initiatives to promote women and Youth participation in social entrepreneurship in their Communities.
  • The task will involve assessing the gender beliefs and practices within the participating community.
  • To develop effective culturally sensitive initiatives to boost socio-economic inclusion through women.
Project help the youth to see the opportunities to explore and understand how to look at themselves and the communities in which they work, through the lens of gender. We help to understand empowering individuals and develop creative solutions to problems in their communities that are tailored to the specific realities of their company.