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December 10, 2016 / by /

“Gender Equality Starts Now”

Training Course (TC) - “Gender Equality Starts Now”, was organized by Croatian organization “Impress” and partner from Georgia was “International Center for Peace and Integration (ICPI)”. The project took place between 18-26 of November, 2016 in Daruvar, Croatia. The project was during 9 days and brought 21 participants from different EU and EECA countries: Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia. The objectives of the TC were to raise awareness about existence of gender inequality in our society; to find a common understanding of gender equality and to discover its social implications; to share experiences and good practices in relation to gender equality in the countries of partners; to get information on the studies and practices about gender equality by NGOs, EU and public services; to create new partnerships that will promote gender equality in local communities through youth work and to inspire participants to create new methods and tools that will facilitate future networking. For participants it was good experience in intercultural environment to take part in training course, where they learnt basic topics about Gender Equality. After the project, on 8th of November, 2016 Georgian participants: Ketevani Piralishvili, Giorgi Tskhvarashvili and Teona Morgoshia made presentation for ICPI and Generators interns, where was discussed Gender Equality topics and situation in EU and Georgia. Project participants shared the experience and knowledge that they got during the training, and local volunteers and inters were asking questions, for them was very interested to get the answer how people think, and behave in different countries. This meeting was very important for ICPI to promote this topic among the people around, and to promote the Erasmus + project in general among local youngsters, because this way they understand how many chances we do have to gain information on different topics through non-formal education.