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September 07, 2022

“Where's my balance?” Erasmus+ project

This Erasmus+ training course “Where is my balance?” took place in a beautiful small village called Chinti, Georgia. From 7-16th of September we brought together 28 participants from8 countries (Armenia , Azerbaijan, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Greece and Georgia)

We spent amazing time together learning about frames and tools of mindfulness-based stress reduction. We became more aware of ourselves and our lives, our own fundamental values, views, personal attitudes, decisions and actions. Participants found new ways of personal development, self-acceptance, self-expression and self-transformation using a combination of meditation, body awareness, yoga, breathing techniques, massage and exploration of patterns of behaviour, thinking, feeling and action. Spending time in nature helped to relieve stress and anxiety, improved participants mood, and boosted feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

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July 08, 2022

"Accept Migration" Erasmus+ Project

“Accept Migration” was a 2 staged project. Where the first stage took place in Czech Republic and the second stage in Georgia. The second stage of the project, brought together youth coming from Czech Republic, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Poland and Italy. The program has created a space for participants to explore the role of international organizations and governmental bodies in the migration management process, their policies towards migrants, refugees and IDPs.

By the end of the project we had explored migration policy of EU and role of civic society in the policy-creation process; Expanded the network of NGOs contributing to the migration management; Raised awareness about legal frame of migration among youth workers; Promoted the idea of integration of migrants and refugees and peace building in Europe; Shared best practices connected to the management of migration among youth workers; Developed media communication skills among youth workers; Encouraged young people to be actively involved in social life; Motivated youngsters to be active European citizens; Promoted non-formal learning and present it as a tool for participation and development; Promoted intercultural exchange, tolerance and solidarity stimulate future Erasmus+ cooperation

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July 03, 2019

“Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind” Erasmus+ project

“Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind” was an international training course, approved by Belgium National agency through Erasmus + program, together with the coordinator organization from Belgium JOETZ vzw and hosting organization International Center for Peace and Integration - ICPI From Georgia the project was implemented during 3-14 of July in Racha, Georgia. The project brought together 27 youth workers from Belgium, Georgia, Italy, Azerbajian, Latvia, Austria, Romania and Spain.

The idea behind the project was to properly introduce and examine the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle for the benefit not only of the body but also for the mind. It was very important for the integrity of the project to achieve good balance between theoretical learning and practical activities: the fortune of this outcome was mostly due to the heterogeneous group of participants who attended the project.

Organizers were very attentive on the selection process so it was possible not only to have participants with good experience in outdoor activities and/or healthy related subjects but as well less experienced or completely newcomers to the ideas and objectives of the project. Thanks to this mixed team a solid bond was easily created between participants who were eager to learn and teach. A fundamental aspect of this outdoor project was the participation, on the first half of the activity, of Guest speakers from the Georgia Red Cross Society who gave a tailored workshop on first aid and other safety thematic specially for those who practice hiking and camping, or were willing to start practicing this activities more often.

The underlined importance of this project was not only to set the basics for approaching and disseminate a lifestyle that benefits the body and mind which also goes hand in hand with the respect of our environment, with a positive attitude towards people from distant and different cultural backgrounds, but above all, ideal to contribute to a better perception on the outdoors and to learn that difficult and non comfortable situations can have a good influence in the way we treat ourselves and others.

Please follow the project’s FB page to become acquainted with the project’s results: https://www.facebook.com/icpi.ge/posts/2374982882557578 .

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