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April 12, 2017 / by /

“The Art of Mind Lines”

International project - “The Art of Mind Lines” is two stage Erasmus+ project, the first stage of the project has been just finished. It was held in Škrdlovice, Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech Republic, from 5th till 11th of April 2017. The training course was organized by “International Centre for Peace and Integration” (ICPI) & “GENESIS” as part of the EU funded project and it brought together 32 participants from eight countries: Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Armenia, Spain, Azerbaijan, Poland, Georgia. 
The main aims of the TC were to give youth workers chance to rise up their knowledge about: self-development, empathic communication, dynamics of conflict. During the TC volunteers and members of each promoter organization were involved in the process, and they gained experience how to work with similar challenges in their own lives.
The exercises involved talking, while in another participants were listening or visualizing certain thoughts. Exercises were provided in combination with music, dance and roller play. There were inside and outdoor processes. During the outdoor workshops participants had chance to visit Brno, one of the most beautiful city of Check Republic. 
Following representatives from ICPI, Georgia were attending the projects: Ani Kokhtashvili; Natali Keknadze; Khatuna Chaladze; Sopia Kadagidze; Tamuna Koplatadze; Giorgi Seturide.