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August 07, 2017 / by /

"Breathe in Svaneti"

International Training Course „Breathe in Svaneti“- was implemented in Svaneti, Georgia from 22th of July till 4nd August ,2017. “Youth Together” from Czech Republic and “International Centre for Peace and Integration” were official organizers of the project. Also, we want to mention, that “Georgian hiking federation” was an official partner from Georgia and we want to express our appreciation towards them, for their big support. The project gathered up 36 youngsters from Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Lebanon, Georgia.
The main aim of the project was to promote the healthy life style. Develop skills for hiking and camping. Learn how to cook meal, how to choose place for tent, how to pack your backpack, how to provide first aid treatment in the wild nature. The project was divided in two stages. First part was held in Mesta in a camping area where participants took the theoretical knowledge. During the second stage participants had a chance to hike from one village to another and use the theoretical knowledge in practice.
We also want to express our special gratitude towards “Mestia Municipality” and organization “Youth for Mountains”, who gave us chance to meet local youngsters, listen to them, get information how they live, what are the main traditions in Svaneti, how they care about healthy life-style. Also, local youngsters had chance to listen from project participants what is Erasmus + project and what kind of possibility it can bring to them.
Members from the Georgian group were: Ani Kokhtashvili, Beqa Bukhrashvili, Gocha Gelashvili, Ilona Tugushi, Tamar Bulbulashvili, Nika Mamulia, Tamar Pilauri, George Devrisashvili. 
Georgian group members comments:
Nika Mamulia- “Project for me was very interesting and exciting. I’ve learnt so many things. I’ve visited beautiful places and developed my personal skills. I hope I will have chance again for participates project like this”
Tamar Bulbulashvili- “This project was a great opportunity to realize oneself in real hiking situations. Everything become much easier after the theoretical knowledge which we had during the project. It gave us the possibility to share our skills and experience to one another in a friendly environment.”
Tamar Pilauri- “Hiking with a group of 36 people was a challenge for me, which became a good experience with the help of organizers.”