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November 25, 2017 / by /

"Change In to Change Out"


The international training course “Change in to Change out” was a two stage project, including 2 training courses. The first one was implemented in Rustavi (Georgia) from 15 th to 22 nd of November 2017, while the second stage in Kobuleti (Georgia) from 1 st to 8 th of March 2018. 
The project was implemented by the JOETZ organization from Belgium, the hosting organization ICPI (International Center for Peace and Integration) from Georgia, the trainers from Italy with much experience in this field and the collaboration of all the partner organizations from Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Portugal, Armenia and Romania.
During the project,  we, participants were involved in different kind of activities, called processes. The processes were implemented both indoor and outdoor, especially in relation with the space needed to implement it. Moreover the activities worked on individual perspective even if we were working alone, in couple or in group. For this reason the effect of the project depended only on each participant and on the effort/openness/involvement that each person put during the
The project was also an opportunity to spend one week in an international environment with participants coming from different countries.
During the project, one session was held about Erasmus+ programme. The trainers provided information about the opportunities that Erasmus+ offers and we got inspiration for our future experiences.
Finally we would like to show our gratitude and acknowledge to the staff for their attitude and effort.

- Anda (from 2 nd stage):
“Participation in this project changed my inner self a lot. It made me aware about my weak and strong parts and inspired to become a better person, firstly to myself and secondly in relationships with others. The most important thing which I took from this project is understanding that you always need to start with yourself if you want to make any difference in life, help society or make the world a better place. I am very thankful to all project team and other participants for this amazing experience which opened my eyes and which I will never forget!”