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June 17, 2018 / by /

"Sharing Fest"


“Sharing Fest 2018” – an interdisciplinary festival organized by Generator 9.8, ICPI & Mediathek that gathers creative thinkers, change makers, movement builders, entrepreneurs, communities and organizations, who inspire positive impact on society through self-expression, education and innovation. According to the common definition, sharing is the joint use of the resources, or the process of dividing and distributing. Often we also hear that sharing is the source of happiness. 

“Sharing Fest 2018” took place on 17th of June in Kikvidze park (Nadzaladevi) & Mediathek. Festival included different and various type of activities like “1010 ways to buy without money” (book and cloth exchange campaign), social enterprise – startup – handicraft market, living library, sport activities and etc. In spite of rain, a lot of people came, enjoyed with music, free food and drinks, yoga activities, stand-up comedy, free movie screening… We have been asked so many times when the next “Sharing Fest” would take place; feedback from people was something more than what we had been waiting for; the whole day was proof of how deep the philosophy of sharing is; we became the authors of change for one day and hope, as the way is paved so many times and once again precisely by our festival, people (who have been touched by the motives, idea and kindness) will continue the way very successfully.

The Fest was financially supported by Tbilisi city hall. Our precious supporters were: Fab-lab from Tech Park Georgia, Stand-up Tbilisi, Youth Association Droni, Erasmus Student Network Tbilisi ISU, AgniYoga Alignment, Fund ‘Ahuahu’, Adjara Net, Leader beth, Books in Batumi, Giffer, Tbilisi State University and last but not least Rustavi2, one of the major broadcasting companies of the country, which showcased the day to the millions of people. Supporting the Fest by music: Shota Adamashvili, Jack Hubbel and Tazo Balashvili. The whole process of organizational work as a personal project initiative was done by lovely Latvian EVS volunteers from ICPI - Anda Upeniece and Artis Kundrāts. From the name of the “Sharing Fest” staff we want to thank everyone who contributed and participated in the making process, who came on the 17th of June and enjoyed. Do not forget that SHARING IS CARING!