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July 17, 2018 / by /

“Light and Shadows” International Youth Exchange

International youth exchange “Light and Shadows” which was financed in frames of Erasmus +, took place in Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain from 8th to 14th of July and it brought together 30 youngsters (14 to 17 years old) from Georgia and Catalonia.

Main aim of this project was to debate and develop the concept of intersectionality, understanding that social determinants are multiple and interrelated. The group of youngsters deepened their knowledge about gender and cultural issues as axes of inequality. Besides, youngsters practiced their English language skills, learnt about each other’s culture and traditions.

The level of cultural exchange was very high during the project, as far as Georgian participants were hosted by local families, families of the youngsters who were participating in “Light and Shadows” from Catalan side.

The project was combination of theoretical and practical sessions and workshops. Main methodology used on the project was photography. Participants learnt how to make „Stenopeica camera” by hands with an usual box and how to make photos with this boxes. They were taught the technique of photo comics and they used their imagination to make their own comic photo posters connected to the topic of the project. During one of the workshops, participants played with the appearance, clothes of male and female and took photos of how they see this stereotypes in everyday life.

In the end of the project all this amazing work of youngsters was presented as an exhibition.

That’s what one of the participants, Kato Pateishvili, says about the project:
“In the course of the project I learned important information with close friends. Group works, sharing impressions and opinions brought us closer to each other. Every activity was interesting, the special topic for me was gender that was a great inspiration which showed me completely new world. Participants, host families, and leaders were surprising me every day with their support and friendliness what made everything just perfect. Barcelona tour was very interesting and impressive, the guide and leaders helped us to understand given information, we even had an opportunity to have a free time too. My impressions would have been bigger if we had seen more sightings of the city. It is impossible to convey my emotions in simple words I can only say that this week was full of unforgettable minutes and seconds.