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August 07, 2018 / by /

"Common Ground: Same & Different" Training Course

 “Common Ground” is a two-stages Erasmus+ project. First stage was held in Bakuriani, Georgia, between 30th of July and 6th of August of 2018 year.  5 participants per country, from 7 countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal) has taken part in this project. What was the aim of the project? Aim is to re-evaluate the concepts of diversity (as group was diverse), to raise cultural and religious understanding, to enhance listening, sharing and empathic skills, to gain tools for communication and conflict transformation, and of course to share experience and good practices.

Big amount of interesting activities took place in this project. During activities participants were free to talk, listen, share, to give an advice and to be listened by each other. Cold weathers of Bakuriani made participants to become more close to each other and to be a one good team.

The most important part of activities was a location. Most of them were implemented outdoor, which played important role for all the sessions to become real and to be productive. Participants had an opportunity to go to village with their groups, to have a direct interaction with local people: to become more conscious about Georgian’s life-style, everyday life in village and etc. All the tasks were completed. This activity became beloved one for all the participants. During the session, participants were sharing their experiences and interesting things that happened that day.

To sum up, this project made participants become more curious about personal development, new opportunities and adventures. First stage of the project is over; participants are looking forward for the next stage!