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July 08, 2022 / by /

"Accept Migration" Erasmus+ Project

“Accept Migration” was a 2 staged project. Where the first stage took place in Czech Republic and the second stage in Georgia. The second stage of the project, brought together youth coming from Czech Republic, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Poland and Italy. The program has created a space for participants to explore the role of international organizations and governmental bodies in the migration management process, their policies towards migrants, refugees and IDPs.

By the end of the project we had explored migration policy of EU and role of civic society in the policy-creation process; Expanded the network of NGOs contributing to the migration management; Raised awareness about legal frame of migration among youth workers; Promoted the idea of integration of migrants and refugees and peace building in Europe; Shared best practices connected to the management of migration among youth workers; Developed media communication skills among youth workers; Encouraged young people to be actively involved in social life; Motivated youngsters to be active European citizens; Promoted non-formal learning and present it as a tool for participation and development; Promoted intercultural exchange, tolerance and solidarity stimulate future Erasmus+ cooperation

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