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Environmental challenges and outdoor activities

The European Commission has made well-being and healthy lifestyle one of the main priorities for work in the youth field. In addition, outdoor activities are becoming increasingly important and valuable in the field of youth. Our projects encourage European and extra-European cooperation among different associations, empowers youth engagement in society and promotes good practices to develop the well-being of both local and international communities. The main aim and objectives are:

  • To increase of respect and care toward health;
  • To experience and importance of being in contact with nature and the environment as a means for feeding a healthy lifestyle;
  • To encourage healthy lifestyle practices through outdoor activity;
Desire to deliver healthy lifestyle through our projects comes from an ever increasing desire on our part to promote outdoor activity for a young generation’s physical and emotional health. The promotion of healthy lifestyle has proven to play a major role in strengthening public health. Outdoor activities are particularly effective and beneficial. Our partner organizations want also to be part of this growth.