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Management of Migration

Migration into Europe is increasing, and is now the largest component of population change. Migrants, moreover, come from a far wider range of countries, and bring a greater diversity of languages and cultures, than in the past. The purpose of the projects is to take care of human rights of the citizens from all around the world. Main aim and  objectives are:

  • To bring positive change into the minds of people and support the introduction of the European policy agenda for the growth, peace building, integration and social inclusion via non-formal education.
  • To cover, explore, discuss and deal with integration related challenges linked to the migration process.
  • To create strong network of the active NGOs working in the different region, unite and empower them to create new initiate for the integration process.
Projects implemented by ICPI are designed in order to create sustainable network of the organizations linked to the migration/integration process and also to empower youth workers and youngster to contribute the integration process of migrants.